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Get the buzz going with Meala's

AI-driven recruitment software

The Core CRM / ATS built specifically for recruitment & staffing agencies.

Improving candidate experience

Introducing Meala:

The Future of Recruitment

Meala is a cutting-edge applicant tracking system designed to simplify your hiring process with the power of artificial intelligence. Our user-friendly platform automates every step of the recruitment journey, from resume parsing to candidate engagement. With advanced features and seamless integration with modern sourcing tools, Meala is the perfect partner for HR professionals and recruiters seeking to save time, reduce costs, and improve candidate experiences.

Meala's advanced AI technology lets you focus on what matters: finding the right candidate.

Meala harnesses the power of AI technologies like natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, and text analytics to deliver an unparalleled recruitment experience. Our platform quickly and accurately screens resumes, identify top talent, and keeps candidates engaged throughout the application process. Say goodbye to manual recruitment efforts and embrace the future with Meala.

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Attract Exceptional Candidates

Hire Applicants Faster

Manage Interviews

Target Qualified Candidates

Meala enables swift browsing of resumes submitted by applicants from diverse fields. Effortlessly filter these resumes based on skills or experience level, ensuring you promptly identify candidates who align with your specific needs.bye to manual recruitment efforts and embrace the future with Meala.

Efficiently filter through numerous applications to identify top candidates with the highest potential to excel in your company using Meala's intelligent system.

Easily send interview invites, track responses, and maintain candidate notes for future reference with Meala's streamlined system. Save time and make informed hiring decisions.

Simplify the review process for hiring managers with Meala, enabling them to assess candidate applications and make quick decisions, reducing wait times for your next hire.

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Experience Next-Level Recruitment Efficiency with Meala's AI-Driven ATS

Discover a new era of hiring efficiency with Meala's groundbreaking applicant tracking system, designed to be incredibly easy to use, fast, and user-friendly. Our AI-driven ATS combines advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to analyze candidate data, intelligently screen applicants, and accurately match the most suitable candidates to your open positions.


Meala's intuitive interface ensures a seamless experience, allowing your HR team and recruiters to effortlessly navigate the platform and focus on what truly matters: finding the perfect talent for your organization.

What makes Meala Different?

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Faster and more efficient candidate screening

Reduced time and costs associated with manual recruitment efforts

Improved candidate experience and engagement

Access to top talent through AI-driven search capabilities

​Secure and organised data storage for all candidate information

An easy-to-use platform for HR professionals and recruiters


Future-proof Your Recruitment Process Today

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Meala has made our hiring process much easier, faster, and more streamlined. We've attracted better talents and brought them on board faster.

Emma O'Brien | Recruitment Manager

Ready to see Meala in action?

Supercharge Your Hiring Process with Meala today!

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