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Meala: Your Partner in Talent Acquisition

Meala leads the way in transforming the recruitment process by utilizing advanced technology, AI, and innovative methodologies. We embrace the future by empowering companies to streamline their hiring efforts and secure top talent with ease.


About Us

Meala: Our Origin Story


Our partnerships with renowned clients gave us invaluable experience in developing recruitment and onboarding processes. Over the years, our expertise grew, leading us to Agile consultancy roles and Scrum Master positions. Eventually, our path led us back to our roots, building ATS systems using Agile methodologies, focused on delivering fast-paced and efficient solutions for our clients. This culmination of experience and knowledge led to the birth of Meala.

Meala was born from a passion for enhancing the recruitment industry's technological landscape.

Our Core Values

At Meala, our core values revolve around customer success, innovation, and collaboration. We believe in providing tailored solutions that meet each client's unique needs while fostering an environment of teamwork and continuous improvement.

Meala's advanced AI technology lets you focus on what matters: finding the right candidate.

Simplifying the Process

Transforming the Recruitment Landscape

Meala's mission is to reshape the recruitment industry by offering an ATS solution that simplifies and accelerates the hiring process. We help businesses overcome challenges and unlock new opportunities by leveraging the power of AI and advanced technology.


We pride ourselves on forging strong relationships with our clients. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and support ensures that we remain trusted partners in their recruitment journey long after the initial implementation of our ATS solution.


At Meala, customer success is our top priority. Our team of dedicated professionals goes above and beyond to provide ongoing support, training, and guidance, ensuring that our clients can maximize the potential of their ATS solution and achieve their hiring goals.

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